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Inclusion and sustainable development

Covid - 19 showed how companies and organizations changed their policies to meet customers' needs. Digilics happened quickly, teaching moved online, restaurants started pick-up sales and people-to-people caring increased.

On the other hand, companies were forced to scale back their operations, resulting in a number of citizens losing their jobs and not feeling well

Professor Malin Lindberg, who works at Luleå University of Technology, stresses the need to expand innovation activities to social issues. Traditional innovation policy has ignored these issues. At the same time, she raises sustainability issues such as poverty, inclusion and power issues.Professor Lindberg has studied the innovation system from the perspective of equality between men and women. The key, she said, is to expand innovation activities into environments that have not been recognized as innovative, such as nonprofit organizations and wellness services. Lindberg raises bottom-up development activity that reveals practical problems. In her article Social innovations — new solutions for an inclusive working life (download PDF), Lindberg describes in more detail innovation and related methods.

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